Ljubomir Karanovic
Engineering Manager | Agile Coach
Halka has all the knowledge and tools to help you unlock your potential

During the last 2 years, I had a pleasure of spending many hours as Halka’s coachee, and a student on numerous soft skill trainings that she delivered in our organisation. I still remember the first one of those trainings, where I was impressed with how she managed to keep everyone in the room engaged in a lively discussion. The entire session was full of life and energy, and completely different from average corporate trainings that I previously attended. It was inspiring – I realised that this lady really knew what she was doing, and that I have so much to learn.

Ever since, I’ve used every opportunity to learn from her. As a manager, I learned essential skills such as facilitation and coaching that made my job much more meaningful and enjoyable. As a leader, I learned about human dynamics and emotions, that helped me establish stronger and deeper relationships with my colleagues. And most importantly, as a human being, I benefited deeply from her gentle support and coaching in my own transformation process, as a part of which I clarified my personal vision and started making bold moves towards it.

I am convinced that practically everyone could benefit from coaching, especially when delivered by a warm-hearted and caring person such Halka, who is at the same time quite a guru when it comes to human psyche, transformational dynamics and dealing with people. To put it simply, I believe Halka has all the knowledge and tools to help you unlock your potential, or the potential of your organisation.