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Developing teams

For permanent and project teams

“If you want to build a ship, do not call the men to cut the trees, do not give them orders, nor divide the work. Rather, teach them to love the remote lands and endless oceans.” Saint Exupery.

Team work is one of the most critical factor of success in many companies and their projects. Often, unclear goals and priorities, poorly divided responsibilities, low commitment of people, and energy losses in endless discussions can be a nightmare of any team leader and highly educated specialists.

Professional team coaching can help you in a very short time to get back on track. How?

How the team coaching works?

Team coaching works as a magnet on iron swarf: all of it come together and line up in one single direction.

The outcome of the team coaching is usually fast and long lasting; not only in hard numbers and effectiveness but also in stress reduction, better atmosphere and joy of people of working together.

The whole team can reach the results in much shorter time and gain / spare valuable TIME, ENERGY and RESOURCES of people and company that can be constructively used on other places and projects.

It is usually very valuable to offer individual leadership coaching to a leader of the team.

What Exactly Can Team Coaching Do for You?

  • create clear vision, mission and strategy diamond of the team
  • prepare realistic plan for it’s implementation
  • clarify roles, authority and responsibilies of people
  • set clear and shared rules
  • finish any old conflicts
  • substantially improve communication among team members and outside of the team
  • renew trust, motivation and good atmosphere
  • encourage people’s innovativeness and energy
  • strengthen the position of the leader

What metodology we use for teams?

When working with teams we blend very successfully two approaches or “social technologies”: 4D-Systems of How NASA builds teams and Four Quadrant Thinking of Erickson College, Canada.

4D-System is a method developed by one of the most renowned former NASA leader, Dr. Charlie Pellerin. He has recently transformed his long – term rich experience of working with technical people and highly qualified specialist into a smart system of 4 dimensions and 8 skills that any team and team leader must possess in order to function well for a long time.

On the other hand, Four Quadrant thinking and the approach of Erickson College, Canada, is based on more than 20 years of the development of coaching courses worldwide. It uses the advanced NLP techniques, recent discoveries in neurosciences and highly advanced methods of working with people, so called “social technologies*.

Both methods work together like a brain with its left and right hemisphere. It is undoubtedly one of the best system of working with teams in the world.


What the clients say?

“How to squeeze eleven years of co-operation into several words? Specially, if our work together has pushed us so much forward? Yes, I think that the Mao’s theory of giant leap has come true. In 2001, we were a nameless small firm. Now, we are top in our field where we set trends. Everything, what we have learned with Halka, we had immediately implemented. We break the myths on daily basis and we believe that a well functioning team worths much more than one genius leader followed by a “heard of sheep”. This all, and much more, we learned and put in practise with Halka. Thank you so much, Halka!.” Igor Doležal, Aspire Sports

“I have asked Halka to coach for us management meeting/workshop on the topic of objectives and KPIs. Me and my colleagues considered the day spent with her as a highly productive one. I find Halka to be a highly professional and goal oriented coach who is able to keep her neutral position even in difficult situations of team coaching. She belongs to those coaches who follow the process of a coaching arrow naturally and are able to bring it to a desired end.” Ida Kodrlová, Synthon.

I have further experience with team development:

  • OgilvyOne
  • Ogilvy & Mather
  • Aspire Sports Brno
  • Telefonica O2
  • Česká spořitelna
  • Deloitte ČR
  • ABC Českého hospodářství
  • French – Czech Chamber of Commerce
  • Slovenská asociace Aikido
  • Mecaplast, ČR
  • rmg.connect
  • AdHoc (today AdinOne)
  • GSK
  • Synthon
  • SSI

Executive and Personal Coaching

For leaders, managers and talents

„Wise man seeks his own centre first. Only thus he can become the centre for the others.“ Lao‘c

Today, managers need to deal with numerous challenges on a daily basis, new demanding projects, continuous changes, growing amounts of information, rising diversity of teams and people. Their work – life balance suffers, and easy solutions do not work any more.

How can coaching help you?

What Is Personal Coaching?

Coaching is a tool of self-renewal releasing your true potential and energy.

It will not offer you a ready-made solutions but it will help you to find and create the best solutions by yourself.

What can coaching offer you?

  • It will rise your overall awareness in a given situation.
  • You will be able to what you really want.
  • You will be able to set your priorities clearly.
  • It can help you to manage your projects fast and effectively.
  • It can assist you to *improve your decision-making.
  • A good coach can offer you a support on your journey and integration of changes in your life.
  • You can truly find new energy and motivation in life, including your deep purpose.
  • Renew balance between work and life.

S What methodology we use

Dynamic Sphere uses the solution focused coaching. It is based on a number of scientific discoveries about the functioning of human mind and body, such as NLP, positive psychology, system and chaos theories, quantum physics, brain and neuroscience, advanced “social technologies” such as spiral dynamics, and integral, co called four quadrant thinking.

How coaching process works?

At first, I meet the client in person to get to know each other. In the initial session I help the client to *define the goals * of coaching and we agree on the length of the mutual contract.

If the client decides to continue, we meet on a pre-agreed time basis, once a week, once in ten days or even a month. The whole process can take from 2 months to several years of continuous work.

The meetings can be personal, but recently I use to work with clients also over skype or phone. It is very effective, less time consuming and also a bit less expensive for the client.

All the sessions have a basic coaching structure, and are usually completed by an action plan or a homework for a client. Once in about four sessions we measure effectiveness and progress of the client.

All coaching sessions are strictly private and confidential, and keep up with the Code of Ethics of ICF.

Reference osobního koučinku

“Halka was my coach when I got promoted to Account Director position at OgilvyAction advertising agency. I have really appreciated her help, her understanding and the insight in the advertising business. Our lessons were inspiring, efficient and goal-oriented. Thanks to Halka I was able to analyze and evaluate the problems I faced. Halka had a professional but warm approach that made of our lessons a very pleasant moments. I would strongly recommend working with Halka or attending any of her trainings.” September 22, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Katerina Bakova, 2010

” By meeting with Halka, a new period has started in my life. Halka has showed me a way how to sense myself, how to dive in to myself and stop dealing with unimportant minority details around me. She has a gift to wake up people and make them work on themselves. She is one of the greatest professionals I know, staying deeply human and kind even in the middle of the hardest work. Halka, thank you very much for your energy that you give me every time I meet you.”

Vlaďka, Ogilvy & Mather Group Czech Republic, 2012

Training Courses

Intensive training courses tailored for you

„We have put so much energy into technological development, that we forgot the development of humans”. René Egli, Princip LOL 2 A

One of the purposes of Dynamic Sphere is human development.

People have gathered deep knowledge about how we, humans, can work with ourselves and with others!
You do not need to make mistakes that were already done in order to learn. My trainings will help you to get the right information in the right time, quickly and effectively, using brain friendly methods of learning and having fun!

So what are you looking for?

Four Key Areas

Training programmes of Dynamic Sphere will help managers in four major areas:

  • 1. Strengthen capacities to achieve results,
  • 2. Develop emotional intelligence in working with people and teams,
  • 3. Foster and unleash creativity and innovation and
  • 4. Find true sense and meaning of leadership work.

The seminars will quickly show you on what skills you can already build, but they will also offer you new social technologies and processes to use. You will immediately deal with your daily tasks and challenges so that you will go home with many things already solved or planned.

Thanks to a special approach how to work with groups you will also feel well, share your knowledge with other participants and get inspired by instant ideas that can develop only in a brain and social friendly environment.

Training methodology

*I can guarantee that the training courses with Dynamic Sphere have nothing to do with old boring school practises. You will undergo a totally new learning experience, rich for senses and with long – lasting transformational effect. *

The seminars combine a rich variety of methods using the best current management theories, drawing on rich practical examples and working with personal cases and stories of participants.

The courses have often a transformative effect that can help you not only in management but also in personal life.

Training topics

Fixed stars

  • Management and Leadership
  • Team development
  • Time and stress management
  • Project and change management
  • Business and negotiation skills
  • The art of effective presentations
  • Handling conflicts and assertive communication


  • The Art and Science of Coaching (TASC)
  • How NASA builds teams
  • Training the Trainers
  • Team coaching for coaches – advanced course for coaches
  • Effective account manager – complete set of skills


  • New approaches to increasing personal and team effectiveness
  • Decision making for managers
  • Effective meetings – leadership skill for 21st century
  • Leading workshops for maximising human potential in companies
  • Seitai, BioTaiso and work-life balance
  • Aikido in Leadership – experiential programme based on Aikido principals

Participants wrote about the courses

*„Training with Halka was perfect, I have nothing to add. A big plus – we had plenty of space both for theory and practical training.

Participant of „Effective Account Manager.“

„Training with Halka was one of the best I have ever passed throughout my whole practise. It was useful and fully matched my expectations. I liked that it was not only a lot of theory but that we went directly to the core of important issues. Everything was well explained and I have received an important feedback. I liked most the dealing with objections and effective argumentation, but I liked all other topics as well.“

Participant „The Art of Negotiation.“

Aikido in Leadership

Systems for the development of body and mind

_„To injure an opponent is to injure yourself. To control aggression without inflicting injury is the Art of Peace.
Morihei Ueshiba, The Founder of Aikido.„_

I started to practice Aikido in 1997, and it radically influenced my life. It’s principles can be used in daily of any person and in the practice of any manager. Since I have been observing the paralels between of Aikido and Leadership for the last more than 15 years Ihave prepared a seminare for managers and leaders called Aikido in Leadership.

Its objective is to provide managers with a completely new experience of basic leadership principles such as Mahai, using the force and energy of the opponent and many others – life, on tatami, and in action.

Are you interested? Call me for in-house or individual sessions: 603 256 135 or mail:

Aikido in Leadership

Aikido is a young Japanese martial art that uses the energy of the partner in creation of the technique. In this way a student can train without using excessive power. Many people start training Aikido after some kind of other sport experience, but also children, women and older people can easily practise Aikido due to its fluent movements and little force needed.

Aikido uses several other important principles such as the law of triangl – unstable point leading the partner out of balance, finding and keeping your centre and peace in the dynamic movement or neutralisation of emotions coming from the attack.

In todays life, we often need to develop the same qualities. Usually, we learn them in the management courses, but the experience of the body can give you a completely new experience leading you to more harmony for you and your environment.

Aikido in Leadership is a program specially developed for managers in order to embody the thought concepts through their bodies and thus gain a unique understanding of them for daily life. Theis concept is also called as “Body2Mind”.

What is BioTaiso?

Feel the whole body.
It has always been a good friend;
It needs your time.
Once it tuned in the nature,
Your body can itself steer the best course of your life.

BioTaiso is a set of 14 easy exercises that help your body to keep health and vitality on a daily basis.

BIO – for life, Taiso – for exercise; helps you in fast recovery from stress, regains vitality and energy. It was set up by the Master of Seitai, Sensei Haruchika Nogutchi who designed it in a way acceptable for our modern, fast way of life. In Japan, it is well-known and practised by models, actors and managers for its easiness and efficacy.

You practise on the floor, laying on your back and need only very little space and time, maximum 15 minutes. Relaxation is even more important than the exercise itself.

How can you learn BioTaiso?
For companies, I can prepare a course tailored specifically to you. For individuals – you can register to the newly opened course, starting 3rd October 2012. See the following page.

Seitai – Tune in your Body!

”They who are the most effectively enslaved are those who are not aware of their chains”

Seitai means in English tune in your body. When our bodies are tuned in, we are healthy and we enjoy the overall well-being of our life.

Seitai is a complex Japanese system that help you to re-establish your health without using excessive amounts of medicaments. It wakes up your vegetative nervous systems, cleans your body of toxins and negative emotions and teaches you how to work with your energy on daily basis.

On higher levels, it enables us to help other people. Seitai is a life journey for a person who wants to keep the body and mind fit for all her life.

How to start practising Seitai? Write me an e-mail I will prepare a suitable programme for you or your team.

In-House Courses

Foto: Seminar of Seitai under the leadership of Master of these arts, Pasquale Aiello, Italy. Our dojo, autumn, 2011.

For management groups as in house courses For managers of all ages and physical condition seeking more work-life balance and energy in the middle of the working overload.

Write me an e-mail ( or phone me. You need a warmer sportive dress with a long sleeve. We practise on tatami, sitting, laying or standing.

Where? Stadium of Children and Youth, Na Kotlářce 1, Praha 6 – Dejvice. Good parking in the area.

How will you get there?
See, in the section “Místo a časy tréninků”.