Ing. Halka Baláčková, MBA, PCC
coach and trainer

+420 603 256 135

Fetrovská 9, 160 00 - Praha 6
IČ: 26424851

Individual and Team Coaching, Transformational Management Trainings, Aikido in Leadership.

We live in DYNAMIC world where everything is under constant change. The world is interconnected through subtle web of relationships and those are now more important than the physical assets. Dynamic Sphere studies these patterns and helps managers, teams and whole companies to get the right perspective, make more conscious decisions and deal with new realities quickly and smoothly.

Only in this way, the businesses can grow, prosper and create long-term beneficial abundance for all.

Halka Balackova is an owner and coach of the Dynamic Sphere. She specialises in long term personal and business development. Her motto is “BUSINESS IN JOY since she believes that only what we do with joy we do truly well.

Key products and services are team and leadership coaching and transformational training programmes in the areas of leadership, personal growth, creativity, time management, team co-operation and work-life balance.

Aikido in Leadership – new program available! Since 1997, Halka practices a Japanese martial Aikido. It’s principles are closely connected to leadership. This unique course connects the art of Aikido with the art of Leadership. Suitable for all leaders that seek more!

BioTaiso a Seitai
In her free time, Halka practices also Japanese health systems that support natural capacity of our bodies to heal and keep a sound health throughout the life. They can be part of any in-house training.